Welcome to MI Emergency Preparedness

This web page (www.miep.us) is a work in progress. This website is about 40% complete as of 12/2019. It has not been maintained for over three years. Please contact me at hphubbard@gmail.com if you wish to help.

The beauty of the tall trees and the natural privacy of being surrounded by water are just two reasons that most of us have chosen to live on Marrowstone Island. But these two facts make us uniquely vulnerable to a major event. Fallen trees could damage our homes, block our roads and take down our power and telephone lines. Being an island could partially or totally isolate us from the peninsula and outside services. We could lose the bridge, the causeway, or most of the boats to a major event. Local, State and Federal aid could be unavailable to us for anywhere from days to a month or more.

Regardless of the source of the emergency, it is prudent that we design our Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness (EP) plan using ALL of the events described in this worst case scenario. Please read it and try to imagine what it would feel like.

Please take a few minutes to click on the links in the left sidebar. Click on Five Sections to identify your Section and Area. Your Section and/or Area Coordinator will help you identify your Neighborhood designation. Please click here to volunteer to be a Neighborhood Coordinator or alternate. See responsibilities here.

The MIEP Team will be developing Emergency Response Plan templates that you can use.

Create or buy your Grab and Go Bag.

Review the Emergency Preparedness Tips (EPTs) and Resources.

And make sure we can find you and get to you in time by maintaining your 911 Signs and Access to your driveway and home.

Emergency Preparedness can make all the difference. Please join your neighbors and other Islanders in this effort.

Mission Statement

To prepare Marrowstone Island residents so that, when disasters arise, our community will have equipped itself with the necessary resources, knowledge, and networks that will enable us to take care of ourselves and others for extended periods of time.

This and other information provided on the web pages in this website (www.miep.us) do not in any way guarantee or promise your safety or survival in any disaster or situation. This is for informational purposes only and is to be used at the discretion of the individual, family or group. Not all information or suggestions apply to all people and/or situations; people are encouraged to use common sense at all times.