3-Community (MI)


The objective of this Plan is to take full advantage of the civic character of the residents of Marrowstone Island and encourage the sharing of combined resources and expertise to meet the challenges of a major emergency.


This emergency Plan describes how the residents of the Marrowstone Island neighborhood will prepare for and respond to an emergency or disaster.  This plan envisions a cooperative approach to dealing with neighborhood needs with a common goal of the rapid restoration of safety, security, and well-being.

Emergency planning is an arduous undertaking, requiring consideration of risks and conditions that are unpleasant.  Although the citizens of the Marrowstone Island neighborhood hope the Plan is never needed, it is acknowledged that it is better to have the discussion now rather than in the midst of crisis.

.The rest of this plan is being developed in this Google Doc http://bit.ly/miep-plan

. If you wish to help, send a note to Pete Hubbard at hphubbard@gmail.com