Grab and Go Bag

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Personal or Home Emergency Survival Kits

Being prepared for an disaster begins with a personal emergency survival kit. They can vary from a pouch that you carry all the time to a home survival kit with 5 gallon water jugs and food for 7 days.

The following four kits are examples of what you can put together yourself. In an emergency, one of these kits can make the difference between safety and severe injury or death.

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Personal Kits



Home and Car Kits

This is a car backpack kit stored at home in an accessible location near a door to grab and go. Keep your car fluids up and a gas tank as full as possible.

Home large kit in duffel bag

Add anything not on the list but needed for your personal circumstances. The time and money you spend to assemble a kit will be paid back many times if you are involved in a disaster.

Other Resources

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