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Marrowstone Island EP Resources

  1. Click here to join the Island Net to stay informed of Island EP activities.
  2. Click here to learn about the data base we are setting up to help neighbors to help their neighbors and the Island.

Neighboring communities' EP Resources

  1. Ludlow
  2. Port Hadlock
  3. Port Townsend
      1. PDN article 3/8/2013
  4. Whidbey
  5. San Juan
  6. Guemes Island Fire Department

Jefferson County EP Resources

JC WA Department of Emergency Management

  1. Click here to view the JC WA Department of Emergency Management web site
  2. Click here to view the Nixle web page and subscribe to receive alerts.
  3. Get Emergency Prepared * Disaster Preparedness
  4. Local2020
  5. Local radio stations
    1. # Radio Port Townsend KPTZ 91.9 Community Radio for the Quimper Peninsula in Washington
    2. KROH at 91.1 FM
  6. WA State
    1. Washington State Emergency Management, a Division of the Washington Military Department
      1. Governor Gregoire has declared April as Washington Disaster Preparedness Month. The focus for this month is earthquake preparedness.
      2. Map Your Neighborhood PDF 25p
    2. April - Emergency Preparedness Month
      1. In Focus_WA Disaster Preparedness Month
      2. FEMA: What to Do Before an Earthquake
      3. April is Disaster Preparedness Month | Mother Earth Journal
  7. Federal
    1. | | CERT
      1. 11/8/11 - Click here to view a short (1m) video about the new FEMA website.
      2. 9/21/11 - FEMA & FCC Unveil New Tip Sheet for Consumers on How to Communicate During Disasters
    2. Get FEMA App for your Smart phone. Search your App Markt for "FEMA".
      1. One is just called "FEMA" and contains a section called "Are you prepared?" with a sub-section of "What to do before, during and after disasters", "Emergency kit list", and "Meeting locations".
      2. The second is called "FEMA Are You Ready?" and is a PDF doc with lots of information.
      3. Personal Localized Alerting Network (PLAN) (More)
  8. International
  9. Other resources
    1. Local papers
      1. 3/18/11 - A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent? - Fox Business Video -
      2. 3/17/11 - Pacific Northwest at risk for quake like Japan's - The Early Show - CBS News
      3. This PDN article that says "... Scientists (have) revised their estimates about the Cascadia Subduction Zone, where the Juan de Fuca and North America tectonic plates collide in an area off the coast between Vancouver Island and Northern California. ... New studies indicate the subduction zone is more likely to experience one great 9.0 quake that will completely rupture the fault, ... "
    2. Wikipedia
      1. Cascadia subduction zone
    1. Google Searches for
      1. "Emergency preparedness"
      2. "Emergency preparedness kit "
      3. "Emergency preparedness checklist"
    2. Some links from Rita Kepner that I will place above when I have time to review them.
      1. Opinion article "Excuse Me, but Catastrophe Looms"
    3. Videos
      1. 4/13/11 - KOMO TV aired a comprehensive show on Sunday, April 10 titled ‘What If?’. What if a major earthquake hit the Seattle area? What if a tsunami followed? Would you be prepared? Do you know what to do to stay as safe as possible and to survive a potentially catastrophic event? If you missed it, the full show can be found at
      2. Earthquakes:
    4. Commercial sites (no endorsement)

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Cascadia subduction zone

  1. Wikipedia article
  2. Publications
    1. 8/17/2011 - Opinion article "Excuse Me, but Catastrophe Looms"

Earthquake tracking

A few years back we had a small earthquake that was epicentered in the middle of Kilisut Harbor – did you know that?

You can track local earthquakes even the ones too small to feel – put these sites on your favorites list. -- good site for Washington State and our area -- sometimes the Canadians post things our USGS does not. This is a really good Canadian site that includes our area.

Local radio stations

KROH is now on the air. The station is equipped to broadcast emergency alerts received from all levels of government.. In the near future with the installation of additional equipment, KROH and KPTZ will both have the capability of broadcasting two way conversations between the studios and Emergency Operations Center in Port Hadlock.

Check out your reception of these stations:

KPTZ at 91.9 FM

KROH at 91.1 FM