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Cascadia subduction zone

Earthquake tracking

 A few years back we had a small earthquake that was epicentered in the middle of Kilisut Harbor – did you know that?

You can track local earthquakes even the ones too small to feel – put these sites on your favorites list. -- good site for Washington State and our area  -- sometimes the Canadians post things our USGS does not.  This is a really good Canadian site that includes our area.

Local radio stations

KROH is now on the air.  The station is equipped to broadcast emergency alerts received from all levels of government..  In the near future with the installation of additional equipment, KROH and KPTZ will both have the capability of broadcasting two way conversations between the studios and Emergency Operations Center in Port Hadlock.

Check out your reception of these stations:

KPTZ at 91.9 FM

KROH at 91.1 FM

Emergency Preparedness Digital Library