2014 Annual MIEP Yard Sale replaced with Satellite Yard Sale on 7/26/2014

Please see MI-wide Satellite Yard Sale - 7/26/2014 


NOTE: Photos show LAST year's yard sale date. This year's date is Saturday, 7/26/2014.


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Add July 26, 2014 to your calendar for the Annual MI Yard Sale at the fire station at 6633 Flagler Road

Let’s have an island-wide


Yard Sale!


MI Emergency Preparedness (MIEP) invites Island residents to participate in a yard sale


July 26



What does that look like? 


Here’s the pitch.


Individuals sell from their cars or PU’s on the lawn between Fire Station 12 and the Fire Station Annex.


Individual sellers are responsible for their own set up, either from trunk or tailgate, and/or setting up of tables, and/or laying of blankets on the grass to display their goods.


Buyers will be directed to park in the Fire Station Annex parking area


Your MIEP volunteers will handle all the logistics of advertising, organizing and traffic control.


This will be a single day event starting at 10AM and concluding at 3PM.



And here’s the catch.

Isn’t there always a catch?


A percentage of all sales will be gratefully accepted by MIEP.


Give what you will, but we suggest 5-20% of all sales be donated to MI Emergency Preparedness. Well worth it in our estimation, since it goes directly to what?


You are the ultimate beneficiary!



It has been determined a little bit of money would be very useful.


What do we need money for you ask?


Signage and other basic emergency infrastructure.

Printing and distribution of emergency information that addresses disaster readiness.

These would be the minimum.  As funds would allow, there is so much more just a few dollars would do to mitigate untold suffering in the event of a disaster.  Think food and water caches at strategic locations on the island, emergency medical kits, radio equipment for neighborhood coordinator volunteers.....honestly, we have a very long wish list.



Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness (MIEP) is a small committee of your neighbors who volunteer efforts toward addressing the disaster resources which would be needed if we had an earthquake, tsunami or even a serious windstorm that renders us cut off from emergency services for days, weeks or even months!   We are an island where neighbors care about neighbors, and we want to get even better at doing so.


MIEP coordinates Island Disaster Readiness with East Jefferson Fire and Rescue, Local 20/20, Washington State Department of Emergency Management and The Emergency Operations Center for Jefferson County.



And now the fine print:


·         Preregistration is required because space is limited.  Interested sellers should send an email to  Kurt Steinbach ( kurtsteinbach@hotmail.com ) to reserve your space and/or to ask any questions.

·         Sellers will start setting up at 9 am.

·         This is a rain or shine event.

·         There will be no facilities: toilets or washroom.  If you have to go, you have to go home.

·         Bring your own water or other refreshments.

·         There will be no trash pick up.  Pack it in – Pack it out.

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Island satellite yard sales

This year we are inviting islanders to coordinate their private sales – on their own properties – with the MIEP yard sale. 

Here is what that looks like.  

MIEP will handle all the presale publicity: Press releases, periodic island net announcements, posters and road signage.


MIEP will create a route map of all the island satellite sales and post it on our website and distribute it via the island net.


MIEP will provide a yard sale sign to be used in directing traffic to your sale. You can put it where you think best.


MIEP will gratefully accept any donations (5-20% of your sales) in exchange for: 

Publicity, Promotion, Event coordination and Increasing your sales by association with the cause for Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness.

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Map of the MI Yard Sale

Click on each colored area to see information about that area.

View Yard Sale in a larger map

View Yard Sale in a larger map


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Interested sellers should send an email to  kurtsteinbach@hotmail.com  to reserve your space and/or to ask any questions.

Can someone sell my items for me?

We do not have any way to stockpile or transport donated goods prior to the sale, or to return the items to you if they do not sell. Thus, our general policy must be that this sale is for people who transport, set up, sell and haul off their own goods.

However, we do have a list of the sellers and can send them an email with your information and ask them if they would be willing to work with you. Please send Pete Hubbard the following:

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What can I do with an item that is too big to bring to the sale?

Each registered seller will have a space that is 10 x 40 feet. This is enough space for a pickup, car, trailer or several tables.

However, if the item is too large to bring to the sale, just take a few pictures of it and provide a description so potential buyers can decide if they want to go to your home to see the item

If you wish, you can upload your pictures to the Picasa album that is embedded below. Just click on this link to upload pictures from your computer. Edit the "Caption" below your photo to include a 1) description of the item, 2) the asking price, 3) the per-centage donated to MIEP, 4) your name and 5) your phone number.

Photos of items too big to bring to the sale

  (The photo below is a place-holder that I will remove when a "real" item for sale is uploaded.)

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May I bring just a few items to sell?

Yes, bring your table and your items and join others and share a space.

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Pictures (before and during)

(I would like to replace the following pictures with a wide-angle photo that is centered on and includes the fire station and the Annex. The first photo would be taken before the event. The second photo would be taken during the event. Both photos should be taken around 3 PM to minimize the shadow effect. Send me an email to hphubbard@gmail.com if you will do this so I can REPLY with a link to the place I want you to upload the photos.)

Before the yard sale


During the yard sale

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Private MIEP planning document

(list of registered sellers, additions to this page, etc.) at Annual MI Yard Sale Planning Checklist - Google Docs

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