8th Annual MI-wide MIEP Satellite Yard Sale 10 - 3 on Sat. 7/15 and 7/22, 2017

www.miep.us/yardsale | Event listing on MI ND

MI Emergency Preparedness (MIEP) collected $343.45 in donations and per-centage of sales from our 8th annual MIEP Yard Sale sellers on 7/15/2017 and 7/22/2017 . This is our only form of fundraising. Thank you all very much!

Please click this link to submit your listing.

As of 7/?? we have ? sellers at ? locations.


7/22 - Satellite yard sales 10 am to 4 pm, then return donation jars to 824 Schwartz Rd


Thank you for coming to our "Annual MI-wide MIEP Satellite Yard Sale" webpage.

We will advertise this sale on our private Marrowstone Island Nextdoor (MI ND) and Yahoo mailing lists, and in The Leader.

We ask that sellers donate a small percentage of their sales to MIEP, and buyers to look for our donation jars on tables at each sales site.

Click here to view and print a spreadsheet of sellers sorted by the date(s) they will sell. Click on the balloons in the map below for the same seller information. Click this larger map to adjust the size of the map before printing (3 vertical dots in upper right corner) to get the best coverage.

It may take a day or more to update the above spreadsheet and map.

We highly recommend that you wait until just before you leave to come to the sales on 7/15 and/or 7/22 to print the spreadsheet and the map - because both may change at the last minute. If you have problems, please contact me (360-808-0766) (Email).