FRS Radios

In the event of a major disruptive event such as an earthquake, tsunami or even a bad windstorm, use of cell phones and telephone land lines may likely be unavailable.  This means when you most need help, calling for it may be most difficult.  Because of this, a group of dedicated amateur radio operators have organized to offer their service in emergency situations.  These ham operators maintain radio communication with emergency services through the Department of Emergency Management when the 911 system is not available.

During a major disaster, if you need to communicate with these hams, you could connect face to face with them, but conditions might prevent you from doing so.  The alternative is to use an FRS walkie talkie type radios.  We strongly advise everyone on the island have this option by purchasing one or more FRS radios, become familiar with their use, drill with island hams regularly to hone radio skills, and keep your radios fully charged or have fresh non-rechargeable batteries on hand and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Two-way radio systems

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Using your FRS radio


Island Ham operators are available to test your equipment.  Please contact one to set this up.

Periodic Island-wide Drills

Hams (with FRS radios) in your neighborhood are available to do periodic drills with you via your FRS (walkie-talkie) radio. Drilling develops and maintains good radio skills for when you might want to connect with them to get/give help and information in the event of an emergency when telephone/cell infrastructures are overwhelmed, damaged or destroyed. Please click here to learn more about how you can join Marrowstone Island's Ham/FRS network and participate in future drills.

Join the Nextdoor MI Emergency Radio Group

This community group is designed to keep you connected with the latest developments in island radio communications, announcements of import and scheduling of periodic FRS/Ham drills.

Join our local FRS Emergency Radio Facebook Group.

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