MI Emergency Preparedness Task Force (Rev 6/11/13)



To effectively coordinate response among local organizations in the event of a local disaster or emergency.

The Emergency Preparedness Task Force is currently comprised of MIEP, EJFR, Fort Flagler, Indian Island, Red Cross.

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Emergency Preparedness Task Force members

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Contact: MIEP Team

East Jefferson Fire and Rescue (EJFR)

Contact: Kurt Steinbach, 360-385-1045, kurtsteinbach@hotmail.com

Fort Flagler

Contact: Mike Zimmerman, Area Manager Fort Flagler State Park, Mike.Zimmerman@parks.wa.gov, 360-385-1259

Indian Island

Contact: Dan Baker, Emergency Management Officer, NAVMAG II, W: (360)396-7407 (5363), C: (360)340-2779, daniel.g.baker@navy.mil

Red Cross:

Contact: Norma Wieman, Red Cross volunteer, mstonemagic@olympus.net, 379-3777. Back-up: Doug Anable, ahug@olympus.net Other Red Cross volunteers on MI are Sandy and Bob Barrett and ?

Communicating with the Task Force

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To: mi-ep@googlegroups.com; miep-tf@googlegroups.com

Cc: mstonemagic@olympus.net; ahug@olympus.net


Next meeting and agenda

Next meeting is 6/21/2013. Click here to view the agenda.

Future meetings

Future meetings will be held quarterly (March, June, September, December) on the third (3rd) Friday. 2013: 6/21; 9/20; 12/20


Minutes and mailing list topics

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Discussion Topics

  1. Food
  2. Medical supplies
  3. Shelter
  4. Fuel
  5. Generators
  6. Plans
    1. Communication
    2. Evacuation
    3. Transportation
    4. Response to civil unrest

FEMA Training


We amateur radio folk are required to have passed:

  1. IS-100A Intro to Incident Command Program
  2. IS-200A ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action
  3. IS-700A National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  4. IS-800A National response Framework

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