The status of MI Emergency Preparedness

Marrowstone Island (MI)

MI EP Team

  • 5 team members (See
  • Meets first Thursday of each month.
  • Started in early 2010 to renew and expand Owen Mulkey's team's decade-long emergency preparedness project to 1) organize MI into five (5) Sections (each having five (5) Areas and each Area having five (5) Neighborhoods) and 2) create and maintain a data base of Islanders needs, skills and equipment. (See and )
  • Holds annual yard sale in July to provide funding for equipment like radios, printing, etc. (See
  • Uses private Google Group (GG) mailing lists for team planning, communication and coordination. The primary GG is

Island communication network

  • MI Emergency Preparedness website -
  • Restricted "Island Net" (Yahoo Group) mailing list with 279 subscribers is used to publish emergency preparedness information.
    • The "Footer" (of ALL e-mails from the mailing list) is modified periodically to offer different links to important web pages within
  • I'm subscribed to Nixle and the DEM blog and forward pertinent posts to the Island Net.
  • We have 12 licensed HAM operators


  • Web pages on our website (see left sidebar) are filled with instructive information and reminders for Marrowstone Island residents.
  • Anticipate holding our first MYN meetings at the beginning of the year.
  • Quarterly radio test for all subscribed Islanders to promote use of 2-way radios and HAM. (See Quarterly 2-way radio test and sidebar countdown clock.)
  • Entire MIEP Team has participated in one Formidable Footprint exercise; several have done two.
  • Tsunami in March was good training opportunity. Several residences were in danger area and alerted.

Island Resources

Deficiencies and vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerable to long term isolation, if the bridge is closed or damaged
  • Funding
  • Few volunteers, low participation, complacency and apathy
  • PUD water system with only a dozen hydrants
  • Limited first aid
  • Aging and fluctuating population
  • Tall trees (blow down and fire risk)
  • Shoreline exposure
  • Indian Island (NAV)

Links to "status" pages of other local EP organizations

I recommend that each JeffCo Neighborhood EP organization (NEP) with a website have a "status" web page (like this one) AND include links to "status" web pages of other NEPs.

If you don't have a web site, consider using Google Sites (our platform) or Google Docs and copy/paste the above as a template for your status.

  • Cape George
  • "Calling our Bluff"
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Significant changes

I will use this space to post - in reverse chronology - any significant changes to this status web page.