Section W (West)

This web page is a work in progress about 20% done as of 3/24/11. Click here to send comments or questions.


Below is a listing of the five (5) Areas within this Google Map of Section W (West) - one of the five (5) Sections of Marrowstone Island. Click the "Five Sections" link in the left sidebar to return.

The blue "balloon" with a dot indicates the location of the Section Coordinator (SC) Kristine Burns, 7015 Flagler Rd., 385-1516

Notice "View MI Emergency Prep. Section W (West) in a larger map" at the bottom of the map. Use your cursor to relocate the map. (Edit map - Restricted)

When completed, look at the "Addresses" in each of the five (5) Areas to the left of the map. Find you Area. Click on the link to volunteer to fill the Area Coordinator or alternate position in your Area. The responsibilities for Area Coordinator and alternate are listed here and below the map.

Responsibilities of Area Coordinator (AC) and alternate

Click here to view the Responsibilities of Area Coordinator (AC) and alternate.