Map standards

This web page is a work in progress about 30% done as of 3/10/11. Click here to send comments or questions.

The authors and co-editors of the maps used in this website have agreed (or will collaborate to agree) on the following standards.

When you want to refer someone to a map in this website, please use one of the following links:

  1. "Island Map" -
  2. Sections
    1. NW -
    2. NE -
    3. West -
    4. East -
    5. South -

"Island Map" Standards

  1. There will be eleven (11) collaborators listed for this map: Pete Hubbard and each of the five (5) Section Coordinators and alternates.

Section Map Standards

  1. There will be three (3) collaborators listed for each Section map: Pete Hubbard and the Section Coordinator and alternate.
  2. Start your view at a distance measurement (DM) of 2000 feet/500 meters. The DM is located in the lower left corner of each map. (See Section NE for example.)
  3. Show a maximum of ?? (20) icons such as the SC, SC alt, each of the five ACs and AC alt, and several key areas of interest.
  4. COPY/PASTE these lines into your Section description
    1. The "Island Map" showing ALL five (5) Sections
  5. Pete Hubbard ("Island Map" owner) will place a link to your Section map in the "Island Map". Before you send him that link/URL, please ...
    1. "focus" your map so that 2000 feet/500 meter appears in the distance measurement.
    2. Click on the "Satellite" icon
    3. COPY the top link listed in the pop up when you click on "Link" in the upper right corner of your map.

Conversations about the above map standards

The Island map in the box on the currently has 9 icons. I think it would look very busy if we had more than 20. I think 5 icons for SCs and 5 for SC alt. plus a few to mark the fire house, etc. may be enough. For the purposed of the web page, I would agree to keeping the map clear of clutter. I suggest we have multiple links to multiple maps that show increasing detail. I agree. Pete

The list of maps might include:

  1. The simplified website map. Is this the Island map in the box (in the above paragraph)? Pete Yes it is, but I think it should have even less icons than what are presently on the map. This map should have only icons that are non Section specific. -Kurt
  2. A map with all the sections and a legend and icons for the entire island. Let's discuss 3/10. Pete
  3. Five maps with just the section and it's legend and icons. I agree. Pete

Each of the five (5) section maps can start their view at a DM of 2000’ and accommodate more than 20 icons such as for the SC, SC alt, each of the five ACs and AC alt, and several key areas of interest. I agree with this.

As Kurt says, we are in a state of flux – and may be for many more months until we get the other S, A, Ns defined. I understand Owen may be able to generate useful data breaking down the island census into number of residences on each road using a street address sorting of the database. Once we have this information, we can look at identifying neighborhoods. Once we have neighborhoods, we can group them into Areas. Once that is done we should be able to define our Sections. I think we should go thru all of that, but I'm hoping we end up close to Owen's original divisions, which look very clean to me. Pete It appears Owen has provided info I've yet looked into. I'll look at that soon.

From Kurt,

I would like to suggest the choice of Google map icons indicating any level of coordinators be universal for the entire system. Balloons can indicate NC’s and thereby identify Neighborhoods on the map. Using a balloon to identify the neighborhood should eliminate any other method for identifying a neighborhood. The balloon color could match the access road color for the Section.

We might pick other icons for other purposes. There’s a triangle with a ! in the middle that might be good for Owen. There is a question mark icon that we can use for information distribution centers, flames for FD, red cross for EMT...and so on. Please refer to this map for examples:

Please go to this URL for full map functions:

I have designated a few island resources, such as the FD and Garden Club. I have again trespassed into Section South only to illustrate how balloons, and the color for them is important and differentiate Section resources from an adjacent Section.

One further somewhat related thought. Some will remember when we were trying to brainstorm a quickly identifiable icon to put at the end of SC, AC and NC driveways. I wonder if we might want to coordinate the Google map icons with the physical ones. Something like the Google balloon could be made pretty simply. In the middle of the “balloon” could be the coordinator designation – SC, AC or NC. If it’s a residence of some emergency provider, more icons could be used within the balloon. We only need 155 of them!