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Be Prepared for Three Weeks of Self Reliance

1. Store or have access to emergency water.

2. Have a plan for sanitation needs.

3. Have dried, canned or other non-perishable. food, both human and for your animals.

4. Keep a supply of critical medications.

5. Have a go-kit with shoes, gloves, helmet, dust mask, contact info, cash, flashlight, radio, batteries, 1st aid kit, tarps, bottled water and a multitool.

Steps for Emergency Assistance in a Disaster

1. Dial 911 ONLY for life-threatening emergencies.

2. Seek a neighbor’s help. Help a neighbor.

3. Call for help on the island Emergency Radio Net using FRS Ch 8.8 or UHF 440.725 MHz.

4. Go to the home of your closest ham radio operator for assistance in calling for help.

5. Offer assistance: Island radio operators will work with you to put you where you can help most.

Marrowstone Island Emergency Radio Locations

11 Reef Road (Comstock)

211 Madrona Road (Mulkey)

824 Schwartz Road (Hubbard)

2800 East Marrowstone Road (Illman)

1640 Griffiths Point Road(Prime)

270 Griffiths Point Road (Benson)

630 East Marrowstone Road (Steinbach)

450 Robbins Road (Coffeen)

Star: Ham/FRS Jeffco DEM voice and packet liaison

Circle: Ham/FRS Jeffco DEM voice liaison