Neighborhood Letter

Dear Neighbor,

I recently attended a meeting that stressed the importance of our getting prepared, as individuals, as families, and as neighborhoods, for potential emergencies and major disasters.

In our post-Katrina world, it is quite clear that in the aftermath of a large scale earth quake, for which we would have no warning, we would very likely be on our own for potentially 1 or 2 weeks without much/any outside support. The fact is we live on the Olympic Peninsula within close proximity to a major metropolitan area which would require its own huge intervention and aid. Further, we are at the tail end of the power grid and are likely to be the first to lose power with limited supply.

The YOYO (you're on your own) perspective should be growing in all our minds. It is critical that each household have at least a 7-14 day supply of emergency food, water, and other equipment on hand, within safe and easy access. Such supplies will also be important to have on hand for more localized events, such as, a severe winter storm closing roads for days on end or a forest fire taking out our water supply system for an unknown period of time.

Saying this and making it happen are two different issues. It is easy for most to agree that preparedness is a good idea, but taking the needed steps requires committed action. We can use our connection and proximity as neighbors to support each others' preparations.

I would like to offer myself as a volunteer in organizing our neighborhood, and am ready to make information available to you for preparedness efforts. Anyone who would like to assist me in the organizing efforts is welcomed to contact me. The more interest and cooperation, the more we can get done.

I am leaving with this letter a list of resource ideas for you to consider. You will likely hear from me again just after the first of the year with respect to getting together as neighbors to decide how we might work together to make this process more effective and comprehensive.

Thanks for your interest and please do not hesitate to call me at ________________.


This information and the other information that is provided on the website does not in any way guarantee or promise your safety or survival in any disaster or situation. This is for informational purposes only and is to be used at the discretion of the individual, family, or group that is using it. Not all information or suggestions apply to all people and / or situations and people are encouraged to use common sense in all situations.

This document may be reproduced and used by individuals and groups in order to prepare themselves to deal with emergencies and disasters and their aftermath. Permission granted by Get Emergency Prepared. This document has been prepared by the North Olympic Peninsula Local 20/20 as a template to be shared freely for broad distribution and use. The information contained herein provides guidance for neighborhood organizing and does not imply any guarantee of successful meetings or fully prepared individuals or neighborhoods.