MI MYN Neighborhoods

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" “Map Your Neighborhood” (MYN) is a program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters". Click http://www.emd.wa.gov/myn/myn_intro.shtml for more information.

...by building and strengthening disaster readiness among our neighbors by way of Map Your Neighborhood (MYN). You will earn the steps to take following a disaster to secure your home and protect your neighborhood, identifying skills and equipment inventory of your neighbors, creating a neighborhood map, and neighborhood contact list that identifies specialty needs of your neighbors.

Sign up to start a neighborhood group and work as a team to get your immediate neighbors involved. Prepare personalized emergency supplies (“Grab & Go” kits) before the fact, and update your kit routinely. Plan on being without emergency help for 3 to 10 days

Members of the MIEP Team will soon be encouraging Island neighborhoods to host and attend MYN meetings. Please click MIEP Team here or in the left sidebar below to talk to one of our MIEP Team members to learn more about the MYN program and how it relates to our MI Emergency Preparedness plan.

Below is a map of Marrowstone Island divided into five (soon to be six) Sections. Each Section will contain approximately five Areas and each Area approximately five Neighborhoods for a total of about 150 Neighborhoods.

When you begin to think about who you will invite to your MYN meeting, click on http://neighbors.whitepages.com/ and type in an address (yours) and zip code to list who your neighbors are and their phone numbers. Please note that the tool has limitations and errors like some of the residence markers are misplaced and may not exist if the owner users P.O. Boxes.

Acknowledgments: Janet Welch and Patricia Earnest, with the help of Mary TennBrink, have worked collectively on developing a rural version to meet the needs of Marrowstone Island residents.

Click here to view a Google Doc template entitled "Sample #1 script for first face-to-face meeting with a neighbor" that you can COPY, edit, personalize and use for your first visit.

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MYN attendees and/or hosts

Click here to view a spreadsheet of people who have expressed an interest in either attending or hosting an MYN event. The list is sorted by the Sections E, NE, NW and W.