MYN Meetings

Monthly MYN meetings at Hubbard's

Pete and Heidi Hubbard will host an MYN meeting once a month on either the 3rd Tues, 3rd Wed, or 3rd Sun.

  • Click here to view our invitation to Section NE and anyone on MI.
  • Click here to view the sign up sheet, so far. Send Pete ( an email indicating ALL of the date/times you can attend. Pencil them on your calendar. If you can attend all, just say "All"; otherwise just list the letters (A-J) that you can attend. I will add your name to each date/time. When one gets more than 12 people, Pete will send you an email with that date/time.

Other scheduled MYN meetings

If you have room for more neighbors, click here to post a note to the MIEP-MYN mailing list announcing your MYN event and I will list it here. List the date, time, your name, email address, street address and phone number.


MYN Videos

If you can't host or attend a MYN meeting soon, click here or click MYN Videos in the left sidebar to view a YouTube version of each of the 11 topics shown on the MYN DVD.

MYN Mailing Lists

Although we encourage you to post questions and comments about the MYN program on the Island Net, we thought it might be useful to have a few mailing lists that are specific to MYN conversations.

There is one mailing list for all Islanders to join that is for general conversations about the MYN program and meetings.

  1. Click here to view the list of topics.
  2. Click here to view the list of members.
  3. Click here to post a new topic (question, comment, etc.).

We'll be adding one other mailing list for each of the six sections on the Island. Currently, only the NE list has been created. See the list below.

If you plan to host a MYN meeting, please add to your agenda to ask the attendees to consider subscribing to BOTH the MIEP-MYN mailing list and the mailing list for their Section. If they have questions, please ask them to call Pete at 385-0105 or send him an email at


Phone list of those who attended a MYN meeting

Click here to view a phone list of Islanders who have participated in a MYN meeting and are eager to share with you what they learned.

If you plan to host a MYN meeting, please add to your agenda to ask the attendees if they would be interested in being added to above phone list, then send Pete ( their contact information.