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Most of the pages in this SITE need my review and update. Pete Hubbard 6/12/2020

Thank you for coming to our Marrowstone Island (MI) Emergency Preparedness (MIEP) website and viewing this page about topics that relate to the Local 20/20 Emergency Preparedness Action Group.

Below are links to web pages within our www.miep.us website that you might find useful to your Emergency Preparedness (EP) needs. Many are also listed throughout the Local 20/20 Emergency Preparedness web pages. (Each “L2020” link below - at the end of each topic - will take you to the L2020 web page where that topic is presented.)

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Tips and Reminders

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

    • MYN Overview - This presentation describes the why and how for MYN, created by NPREP member and Marrowstone Island Organizer Pete Hubbard. (L2020)
    • MYN Videos – A series of 11 YouTube videos that help you run your neighborhood’s MYN meeting. These are the same official videos distributed by DVD with the MYN documents. (L2020)
    • MYN for RURAL AREAS – The MYN works great for compact neighborhoods, but our organizers here in Jefferson County discovered some enhancements that make it work just as well for our rural areas. Patricia Ernest, Mary TennBrink and Janet Welch of Marrowstone Island created this version that has been approved by our Department of Emergency Management. (L2020)


    • Financial First Aid Kit (23 page PDF) – Having access to all your financial and legal documents post disaster will go a long way in expediting recovery! Every household should use this kit, or this Google Doc template for an online version, to collect information and share it with a trusted out-of-area family member, friend or lawyer. (L2020)
    • Household Emergency Response Plan - This plan was developed from scratch - although I got ideas from many, many people and resources. It is also a Google Doc that you can copy and customize to your needs.

Effective communication is critical in an emergency

  • Ham and FRS radio networks can help to satisfy the critical need for effective communication in an emergency. This map is intended to be used to identify the location of Ham and FRS operators and hubs. If you have a Ham or FRS radio, type your address into the map's search box, find nearby Hams or FRS operators, then call them to see if you can talk to each other. Please click here to learn more then click here to enter your map data if you are a Ham or FRS or both operator.

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