Help your neighbors so you can help each other

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Take a minute to review the worst case scenario for a disaster in our area.

If your neighbors are not as prepared as you are, or if they need help in a disaster or emergency, they will most likely come to you for help or to seek information. You will, in effect, be your neighborhood's Neighborhood Coordinator (NC). (Responsibilities of a NC or alternate)

Therefore, you might want to help your neighbors get prepared for a disaster or emergency NOW or ASAP.

Learn about the Island's MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) then encourage your neighbors to attend/an/or host a MYN meeting. If you can't do that soon, check out the MYN Videos.

A considerable amount of emergency preparedness (EP) information that is unique to Marrowstone Island has been and will be developed on this website. Links to other key local, county, state and federal websites (see Resources) will be included. MIEP Team members will continue to post EP information to the Island Net. And I will rotate "Review Reminders" that are listed in the "footer' of all Island Net emails. Therefore, it is important that Islanders and your neighbors be subscribed to the Island Net. Ask them if they have a computer. If yes, ...

    1. ask them to Bookmark or Favorite the Marrowstone Island Information and this MI Emergency Preparedness website and review both when it is convenient for them.
    2. tell them about this web page. Click "Print page" (at the bottom) and talk to them about it. You may want to show them other web pages in the left sidebar.
    3. ask them if they are on the "Island Net". If they are not, tell them to type "" in their browser, then click on "Island Net" in the left sidebar to subscribe to it.

Visit your neighbors periodically. Bring the following with you and show it to them.

    1. Neighbor Help Sheet (NHS) - Google Docs (give them a copy to fill out)
    2. Emergency Response Plan (See my ERP notebook to the right. >>)
    3. Grab and Go Bag

Click "Print page" (at the bottom) and talk to your neighbors about it.

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