MIEP Ham (MIEP Amateur radio network)


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The purpose of the MIEP Ham network

The purpose of the MI Emergency Preparedness Ham network (MIEP-HAM) is to furnish communications in the event of natural disaster, when regular communications fail or are inadequate. (See JC ARES/RACES)

Current frequency lists

As of 2/12/2016, a new frequency list is under construction.

Non HAMS (read only)

  1. Click here to view the current (V-1-08) Non HAMs read only frequency list.


  1. Current (2/26/2016) "VECOM" frequency list for programming our Baofeng radios
    1. UV5R Master Feb 2016 v5a condensed.csv
    2. UV5R Master Feb 2016 v5a condensed.pdf
  2. Click here to view a a DRAFT of a "Wallet" size summary you can print.
  3. Click here to view a discussion of changes to our frequency list.

Current MIEP HAMs

Current list and map of MIEP HAM operators

  • Click here to view the list and map.
  • Click here to view a presentation and demonstration display for each MICA meeting.

Team Plan of Action

  1. Click here to view the "ARRL ARES SEC WWa Team Plan of Action"
  2. Click here to view our MIEP HAM Team Plan of Action


Weekly check-ins

Our Baofeng radios

Manual (PDF) and Programming our Baofeng radios

Items most of us may be purchasing (some in bulk)

  • Pete has purchased most of his equipment and has listed them in this web page.
  • Click here to read our discussions about buying some items in bulk.

Next HAM class

AA7MI repeater

Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness conducts emergency radio operations over the AA7MI repeater, which is owned and maintained by the Marrowstone Island Amateur Radio Club (MIARC). The repeater is located at Twin Vista Ranch on Marrowstone Island, an agricultural extension of Washington State University.

AA7MI is privately owned, however its use is not restricted. It is available to the general public using the following radio frequency and settings:

Frequency: 440.725 MHz

Tx Offset: +5 MHz

CTCSS: 114.8

HAM/FRS Radio Network on MI

As of 12/10/2014 (per this new restricted MIEP DB) there are:

  • 6 licensed and active HAMS
    • 2 have Baofeng radios and FRS radios
    • 4 only have Baofeng radios
  • 7 Islanders
    • 0 have Baofeng radios and FRS radios
    • 2 have Baofeng radios
    • 5 have FRS radios

Note: While viewing the DB, click on "Data", then "Filter View", then "HAM/FRS Network".

Future MIEP hams

  • Click here to read information about future Ham classes and study suggestions.
  • When you pass the exam, it usually takes about a week to ten days before your name and new call sign will appear in the FCC ULS data system and, at that point, you are a licensed ham.

Mailing list



  • The MI Amateur Radio Club (MI ARC) meets the 3rd Friday of each month at 9:30 AM at 824 Schwartz Road. Please send an email to Dick Illman ah6ez01@gmail.com if you wish to attend.
    • Click here to view the agendas and minutes of MI ARC meetings.
  • Click here to view information about the weekly EOC check-in (on 145.150) at 0900 each Wednesday. (Discuss)
  • Click here to to read more about the Jefferson County ARES/RACES meeting at the EOC (jail) every 2nd Friday 10-12 noon

Interesting articles

  1. 7/18/2014 - FEMA & ARRL Announce Disaster Communication Partnership

Procedural Signals (Prosigns)