Our MIEP Frequencies


Below are links to 2 renditions of the list of frequencies we (MIEP) are using. I copied it from here.

  1. Click here to view a list for programming our Baofeng radios.
    1. Click here to view a discussion of changes to our frequency list.
  2. Click here to view a a DRAFT of a "Wallet" size summary you can print.

Below is more info about each (group of) frequency and an explanation for why we (MIEP) are using it.

Ch 1-39 Open for you to program your own frequencies

  • But keep in mind that if you have a Baofeng and Pete programs your radio, they (will/may) be overlaid (blanked out) each time the radio is reprogrammed.

Ch 40 National Calling Frequency 146.520

Ch 41-46 Duplicates of

Ch 51-53 MURS 1-3

  • MURSHAIL - Suggest that Ch 51 be used by MIEP Section Coordinators hail
  • Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) (Wikipedia)

Ch 84 WR7V-GR Green Mountain repeater (Bremerton)

Ch 101 M16 HAIL

(I'll add more later)