How to make your home Firewise

Heidi and I and 36 other people (no one else from MI) attended a presentation last night (7/8/2015) by Bill Beezley (Public Information Officer) at the East Jefferson Fire and Rescue and Don Svetich (Quilcene Fire Dept.) on how to make our homes as defensible as possible in the event of a major forest fire. Per Linda Gately “The conditions for a forest fire this year rival any years since the fires of 1910. … It is standard procedure for firefighters to do structural triage when fighting a major fire: they will pass on homes that they determine would be difficult to defend and go on to those with the best chance of being saved. So for those of us living in forested areas, knowing and doing as much as we can BEFORE a fire, would be a good thing.”

We watched this video which demonstrated the importance of establishing those 3 zones around your home.

There is a lot of other important information on and

When I asked Bill for the link to the PowerPoint presentation he made, he replied with:

Hi Pete. I’m attaching two Firewise links. The first is a great page with a wealth of information…mostly in PDF form:

The second is to their original PowerPoint presentation. You’ll see the actual link in the first paragraph titled ‘General community presentation.’ Please note that I shortened and modified the one I used last night:

View these three photos of a small but potentially lethal fire on Flagler Road.