How to find stuff

Below are the 4 platforms we use to collect and organize MIEP stuff. Under each, I will suggest a way to find stuff in ...

  1. This website
    • Each of the browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari [I think]) has an autocomplete function that suggests a link in the address bar (using items from the browser's history) - as well as underneath the address bar - as you type in a name for a website like
    • This only works for sites that you have already visited and have been saved in your browser's history. So before you do the next step, type "" into your browser's address bar (to feed your browser's history file), view the miep website for a second, then exit your browser.
    • Go back to your browser and type "mi" into your browser's address bar. "" should appear. Just click on it to go to the home page.
      • While in "" type "findstuff" in the Search box. You will see a link to a webpage entitled "How to find stuff". Click the title to view the webpage showing this text and links to where we store our stuff.
      • In the future, you can also type "stuff", or "find" and the link will appear somewhere in the search results.
      • Type any other text string (like "Goals", “bucket”, "Terp", "Miter", etc.) to find other webpages within "".
  2. Numerous Google Docs
  3. Several Google Groups (mailing lists)
  4. And Nextdoor

All browsers support Bookmarks and folders to collect and organize Bookmarks. Create a folder called "MIEP" and Bookmark key items to it like this page.

If you encounter problems or have questions or comments, please call me at 385-0105 or email me at .