Nominating MI ERVs for MI Citizen of the Year Award

Starting in December of this year and ever year thereafter (until the group receives it), I intend to nominate the group - MI emergency response volunteers - for the MI Citizen of the Year (COTY) Award.

You are a member of that group.

The original intent of the COTY Award was to recognize individuals. There have been 39 COTY recipients since 1973.

· The first 8 Awards went to individuals.

· In 1981, Clara and Stan Lybeck were the first to receive the Award as a couple.

· Since then, 17 other couples have been honored with the Award.

· There was a 10 year stretch from 1998 thru 2007 when ALL the recipients were couples.

I believe the Award should be expanded one more time to include more than individuals and two people; it should also include a group like the MI emergency response volunteers.

Click here to view the qualification text I am drafting. I will attach it to the MI COTY Nomination Form (NF), add MI emergency response volunteers as my nominee, sign it, and deposit it in the Nomination Box in the Nordland store in December. Click here to view the NF.

If you read the draft of the qualification text, you will notice that there is some data and very short stories/incidences that I want to collect for the nomination. Please help me by clicking on the following links to provide me with that data and information.

· Data:

o Click here to enter the data I need.

o Click here to view what data has been reported so far.

· Short stories/incidences:

o Click here to describe at least one very short story/incident that exemplifies your or other volunteer’s service. Use the form again to report as many stories/incidences as you wish. Please focus on activities that the COTY selection committee reviewers will recognize as worthy of the Award.

o Click here to view all the stories/incidences reported so far.

When I have all the data and stories/incidences I think I need, I’ll send you one email now and another one in December to invite you to also submit a COTY Nomination Form for the group.

If you have questions, please call me at 385-0105 or send me an email at .


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