(Surveyor) tapes on '911' signs for HAM, FRS and Gathering Place

If a disaster happens and you need to find a place to stay, or you need to communicate with someone (via a HAM or FRS radio) that you have a need or something to offer, these (surveyor) tapes are a very inexpensive, quick, and easy way to tell people that you have one or more of these capabilities.  

For about 20 minutes and around 20 cents, I've created "signs" that attract attention and give passersby links where they can read additional information - and maybe encourage them to become more prepared, or to join other volunteers to help the Island become more prepared. 

I have these (surveyor) tapes, if you don't want to buy entire rolls. Send me an email at hphubbard@gmail.com

Fold one end several times before you puncture it with a paper clip. Drill hole(s) in the bottom of your red "911" sign to insert the other end of the paper clip. 

If you have the time and inclination, use a Sharpie to print the following on each tape you use. 
  •  WHITE: If you are a HAM operator, write "www.miep.us/ham" and your call sign on a white tape.
  • BLUE: If you have an FRS (walkie-talkie) radio, write "www.miep.us/frs" and channel/subchannels "8.8" on a blue tape.
  • YELLOW: If you can offer your home as a "gathering place", write "www.miep.us/tape" on yellow tape.

I chose the blue color because it is used in the EP Sign (below) that Kurt Steinbach created. It is dark and hard to see the lettering, so we may want to change the color.