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  • Sign up for Snohomish County AlertSense to receive local emergency messages by email, text or phone

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Use the hashtag #530slide.


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Transit Information

  • Bus Route 231
  • Vanpool
    • Community Transit offering a 7-to-15 passenger van for people going to a similar location for workplace
    • Route and schedule set by van group
    • Fares determined by length of trip and vehicle size
    • Community Transit - Vanpool Program
  • Carpool
    • offers commuting options for the Northwest
    • Visit for more information or call (888) 814-1300

River Data

Source of information is USGS unless otherwise noted. 
  • 12166150 North Fork Stillaguamish River near Swede Heaven, WA (gage height, turbidity)
  • 12166185 North Fork Stillaguamish River Pool Area at C Post Bridge near Oso, WA (lake elevation)
  • 12166200 North Fork Stillaguamish River East Pooled Slide Area near Oso, WA (lake elevation, water temperature)
  • 12166220 North Fork Stillaguamish River SW Pooled Slide Area near Oso, WA (lake elevation)
  • 12166300 North Fork Stillaguamish River near Oso, WA (gage height, turbidity, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen)
  • 05B090 North Fork Stillaguamish River at Oso (source: WADOE) (discharge, gage height, precipitation, water and air temperature)
  • 12167000 North Fork Stillaguamish River near Arlington, WA (discharge, gage height)
  • 12170300 Stillaguamish River near Stanwood, WA (gage affected by tides) (gage height, turbidity, water temperature and velocity)