4th Annual All-County Picnic - 8/21/2016 - 11am-4pm

View Event here on MI ND.

Sun August 21, 2016 11 AM - 4 PM  at HJ Carroll Park in Chimacum, WA

(Setup 9:30 - 11)

Come to the All-County Picnic and visit our Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness (MIEP) booth to learn (see display board and table below) what our MIEP Team is doing to help Islanders prepare for a disaster as described in this Worst case scenario.

This board will be on display in our MIEP booth on Sunday. 

Match the numbers on photo with list below and click on the links for more information!
  1. This webpage www.miep.us/picnic
  2. A table describing a worst case scenario
  3. The Marrowstone Island Information portal - www.marrowstone.info
  4. Marrowstone Island Nextdoor Neighborhood
  5. Annual MIEP Report - August 16, 2013
  6. Templates you can customize
  7. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 
  8. "Communication is key – before, during and after an emergency/disaster" 
  9. "Communicate with nearby neighbors AND your Section Coordinators.via walkie talkies"
  10. "YOYO" - "You're On Your Own" 
  11. "Communicate with family via your “Out of Area Contact” list 
  12. Learn about, attend and/or host a MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) meeting
  13. Subscribe to NIXLE - www.nixle.com 
  14. "Communicate with Emergency Operations Center (EOC) via your ham radio" - See MIEP Ham (MIEP Amateur radio network)
  15. Join JeffCo-Hams mailing list - Type goo.gl/9XcHD (use mixed case) into your browser
  16. A web page about MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) 
  17. A list of our MIEP radio frequencies
Click bit.ly/hard-hat to see some links that were not included on this display board.



“In the first hours and days after an emergency, first responders (police, fire, paramedics, etc.) will be busy with hundreds of calls, so people need to get to know what YOYO means – “You’re on Your Own” – says Bob Hamlin, manager of the county’s DEM.
And that’s where the neighborhood organizations come into play, which the picnic is working to help form.”
Get walkie talkies
Organize or attend a MYN meeting

Form a Nextdoor.com Neighborhood