MYN: "NE" (Northeast section of MI)

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This is a "semi-private" webpage because it is not listed on the left sidebar.

What should be in this web page?

Please click here to post a note to our MYN-NE mailing list group with suggestions on what should be
in this web page.

100+ residents in our NE Section

There are over 100 residents in our NE Section and as of 4/3/2013 only 7 have attended or hosted an MYN 
meeting.  Click here to view the Google Map of our NE section. 

How do we get more neighbors to attend or host a MYN meeting?

Please click here to post a note to our MYN-NE mailing list group with your suggestions.

Future MYN meetings

Pete and Heidi will hold monthly meetings in their home. Click here for more information.  Click here if you want to attend someone else's meeting or to host one yourself.


Discussion topics

Mailing list groups

We have 2 mailing list groups.



This is our NE section mailing list group just for our neighbors on Schwartz, Plute and a few Flagler addresses.

To post to this group, send email to

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