MI HAM Network (3/20/2014)

Members of the MI Ham Network

Below is a table listing information about the members of the MI Ham Network. (I'll add flags to the map for all ham operators in the near future. Pete)

 Name Address Phone Call Sign
 NWOwen Mulkey
 211 Madrona Rd.  385-5374 301-0449 N0WO
 NWJohn Comstock    KI6ENC
 NEPete Hubbard 824 Schwartz Rd. 385-0105; 808-0766 KG7EKM
 GRJenn Prime  1640 Griffith Point Rd.  360-531-4772  KG7EKG
 EPatricia Earnest     379-1779  KG7EKO
 EKurt Steinbach    360-385-1045  KG7EKI
EDick Illman

Aaron Benson
 270 Griffith Point Rd.  385-5286  N7XT
SMike Coffeen450 Robbins Rd.360-385-3342 KG7WNF


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Incident reporting plan

[This is only a thought. It has not been discussed or agreed to by anyone.]

35 minutes after every hour, the MI HAM network will listen for and record incident reports from nearby neighbors who will use their FRS radios tuned to channel 8, sub-channel 8.

We specify this exact time so everyone knows when to communicate and so we don’t waste your time and batteries. We chose “35” from our ZIP code 98358.

Starting at 15 minutes after each hour, the MI Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be ready to receive those reports from the MI HAM network and pass them on to the …

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MIEP-HAM mailing list  

Click on Six Sections to get names, addresses and phone numbers of Section Coordinators and alternates. 

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